The Disappointing Drive

We live at the northeastern edge of Irvine. Beyond us is wilderness. Some of it, supposedly, is spectacular.

For instance, the sinks in nearby Limestone Regional Wilderness Park has been called a “Miniature Grand Canyon of Orange County.” Probably a little bit of hyperbole, but worth seeing, right?

Limestone Canyon Regional Park   Google MapsI drove Portola Parkway to its end and turned onto Limestone Canyon Road. There were locked gates in either direction. Frustrating. Google Maps doesn’t show this as limited access.

My next attempt was on Jeffrey Road. Once again it looks fine on the map. The reality was different.

unfriendly-signThough the gates were open there were signs everywhere reminding me not to be there!

One open gate featured at least ten locks, each sharing a chain link with the next. It’s not great security, but it allows any of ten groups to control access to the road without sharing a key. Pretty clever.

gate-with-many-locksI called my Cousin Melissa, an Irvine native. She promises to take me out early Sunday for a little introduction to the wilderness.

Today I’m just disappointed.

4 thoughts on “The Disappointing Drive”

    1. Pot is sold legally here. The medical requirements are very low. Most people say it will be legalized totally this year or next. My guess is lots is grown indoors. Like beef, marijuana production has been optimized for efficiency and profit. This is not Cheech and Chong’s grass.

      1. Very true Geoff. I had some growing up in the cracks leading up to my front door when I lived in Laguna Beach. I could tell you stories about the area when it was residing there, but I wouldn’t post them here.

  1. Kevin, he is more likely to run across a few rattle snakes or bobcats where Geoff is going to hike. I lived close to where Geoff lives now. You will find a few trees and a lot of dry brush, but I doubt any pot. If you drop a lit cigarette or match, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a forest fire.

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