One Last Thing About Holy Jim

IMG_1785 holy jim_1

Yesterday, I wrote about and posted pictures from the Holy Jim Trail inside Cleveland National Forest. It’s not far from here.

I took another look at the pictures tonight and remembered, these tiny flowers are blooming in the middle of January! It just seems crazy after a lifetime full of winters.

One thought on “One Last Thing About Holy Jim”

  1. Geoff, you’ll see things growing in So. California during the winter months that you didn’t think was possible, that includes flowers. Remember you rarely see a night that drops below freezing. Maybe once every 10 yrs. That is when you’ll see people running arounds, covering up their plants outdoors with blankets and sheets. It is an all together different world in which you live in now. I remember when I lived there, I would bundle up when I went outdoors during the winter months. One time I flew from JFK to LAX in March. When I left NY, there was snow on the ground and the temperature was in the low 30’s. When I arrived in LA, it was 97 degrees. A week later when I returned to NY, everything was just like it was when I left the east coast.

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