Disney Does Fireworks

disney fireworks

Even before I woke up today, Helaine was plotting. She was on the phone with Cousin Melissa planning our evening.

“Would you be interested in dinner at Disney, then fireworks,” H asked as I degroggied myself.

Disneyland is in the neighborhood. It’s only 25 minutes away.

Dinner was very nice. The fireworks, even nicer!

I don’t want to take anything away from Disneyland, but if you’ve been to Disneyworld you’ll wonder who shrunk the castle! It’s much smaller here than in Florida.

The fireworks, however, are another story. They are big and perfectly choreographed. We were centered in front of the castle. It was the perfect vantage point.

Here’s the last 45 seconds of tonight’s show. It was shot on my cellphone, handheld. You’ll get a very good idea what the show’s like. It’s Disney. You expect a certain level of ‘special.’

7 thoughts on “Disney Does Fireworks”

  1. Back in the 60’s, I lived very close to Disneyland. Every night at 9pm, they would shoot off the fireworks. One time when I was driving, I nearly hit a car, because I was concentrating on the display above my head. I had a convertible with the top down. I have never been to Disney World, so I can’t compare the two. Where did you have dinner? Was it at their hotel outside the park?

  2. Note Tinkerbelle moving about in the sequence.

    One of my colleagues was one of the original “Tink Catchers” when Tinkerbelle rode the simple zipline. He was on the team that kept her from slamming into the backstop at the end of the line–by that point she was moving rather fast…and their job was to catch her safely.

    He had the tee shirt and some neat stories…it is not as simple a job as you might think…

  3. Geoff,
    You have to remember–Disneyland Was built long before Disneyworld was conceived! It was the only place to go, for quite a while. After the World’sFair closed in New York–the Its a Small World Ride went out to Disneyworld. I got to see it in New York, then on the one excursion we made there while I was living in LA/Glendale areal. The only other attraction out there (and older than DW) was Knottsberry Farm. So, yeah, the castle is small–It was Large, in our eyes, in the 60’s. I, too, have never been to DisneyLand. My stepdgt and her family have been probably a half dozen times, and my husb’s former brother-in-law works at Epcott—which, as you know, came after Dis.Land.
    With all of these theme parks, today–a World’s Fair would lose its intended purpose.
    I am surprised that Fireworks continue to go up out there, despite the dryness. I guess Disney owns enough land to not worry —and it is closer to the ocean. Sound’s like you will use that gift well.

  4. I’ve lived in CT for 48 of my 53 years and I’ve never been to DisneyWORLD but lived in No. Calif. 7 years and went to DisneyLAND twice! I liked the size of it having only experienced Lake Compounce and Riverside Park (Now 6 Flags New England).

    What fun to be that close and just hop over there with your pass. Sort of like my friend does with her 2 kids and Lake Compounce.

  5. I remember, an older Geoff blog post, where you once commented that you and Gil (TV 8) were training together? -dave

    BTW: Is Gil a retired Marine, ergo a Tough Act to follow?

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