Doppler’s Only Job: Be Cute


Helaine’s at the dentist. I’m doing some things around the house. I left Doppler to her own devices.

Doppler has her favorite spots. She likes her bed in a corner in the kitchen. She likes the blanket we leave on the floor behind my desk in my office. She LOVES the sofa in the loft. That’s where she went today.

I didn’t see her for at least a half hour, but when I did she was quietly enjoying a freshly constructed blanket and pillow fort.

Doppler’s only job is to be cute. She gets an excellent employee review every time!

6 thoughts on “Doppler’s Only Job: Be Cute”

  1. My Carly does things like this. I have similar pics! I am convinced she knows what cute is and has mastered it. I also believe once we start falling all over her cuteness she thinks “works every time!”.

  2. I have a picture of one of my ‘fuzzy nieces’ where all you can see is the top of her head. She builds those forts too – especially after a bath and when it’s cold outside.

    You’re right – their only job is to be cute, and the excel at their job description.

  3. You sent this picture out at the perfect time, while we are snuggling in the house peeking out the window at the snow storm you are missing. I’m sure Doppler doesn’t miss the snow either! 🙂

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