Bieber, Mitchell And Davos

Andrea Mitchell Reports on msnbcThursday afternoon. TV on. MSNBC.

Used to watch them a lot more.

Andrea Mitchell was interviewing a congresswoman or former congresswoman who was in Davos, Switzerland. The World Economic Summit is happening there. Jon Stewart calls it the ‘money prom!’

Then, without warning, Mitchell stopped the interview for Breaking News.

Justin Bieber being arraigned. Live video. Justin in jail scrubs.

There are certain moments in life which are gut-checks. Make the right decision regardless of the cost.

I’m not saying disregard Bieber, but it could wait. Few already watching the weighty interview in progress gave a damn about Justin Bieber. Cutting away was the wrong choice.

I feel bad for Andrea Mitchell. She is the public face of what was a producer’s choice.

Addendum: Mediaite has the actual video.

3 thoughts on “Bieber, Mitchell And Davos”

  1. Your former station, WTIC-TV, had it as BREAKING NEWS yesterday on their Facebook page, as if it was something of dire importance. Of course, it’s the same station which treats “American Idol” puff pieces as actual hard news. Sheesh! 🙁

  2. Why can’t the media just ignore him?!? He’s a spoiled brat, getting the attention he craves. Maybe we should just hook him up with Miley Cyrus!

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