I Am The Punchline To An Old Joke

There’s an aphorism which begins, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. And those who can’t teach, teach teachers.”

That third one. That’s me. I’m the punchline. I’m about to teach teachers.

It’s an interesting project with UC Irvine Extension. As some of their instructors begin to teach online they face a challenge. How do they adapt to the differences a video camera brings?

We all think there’s a lot of low hanging fruit where small changes will bring large results.

I’m producing a video for the teachers. It’s a how-to of best practices and FAQ answers–a hand holder to help instill confidence in front of the camera. If it works they’ll become more effective reaching students via screens.

I think I can make a positive contribution.

6 thoughts on “I Am The Punchline To An Old Joke”

  1. This is your wheelhouse! Kudos on starting a new career that sounds like something you can honestly enjoy! No more station managers. But please, no more pictures of sunny southern California!?! Its so cold here!

  2. What a wonderful project Geoff! It’s a terrific idea and something you love! Good luck and enjoy! We are enjoying all the CA pictures you are posting! Please post more! Thanks!

  3. Geoff, you are a natural born teacher. (You taught all of us and we turned out ok!) Anything I remotely know about weather I learned from you every evening in my living room. You will knock this out of the park! 😀

  4. I’ve had to teach co-workers how to use laptop video cams during conference calls. Glad to see you’re teaching teachers. 🙂

  5. Uh, isn’t that what you did in CT every time you were on the Weather Channel? You taught us something every day!!! You always gave us more information and background than just “Today we have snow”… wonderful you are back at doing something you love…

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