Doppler Learns Her First Trick


Doppler has few responsibilities. This week I changed that. Doppler learned her first trick. She can shake hands.

It wasn’t difficult to do. Just a few tiny treats when she’d normally get rewarded anyway, like when returning from a trip to the lawn. She caught on quickly.

At this point I’m worried because she’s offering up her paw before I ask!

If I had my way (and had the persistence) I’d teach her to jump through my hands or into them. Are there enough treats?

11 thoughts on “Doppler Learns Her First Trick”

  1. omg! she is so cute! she learned to sit too! you can also teach her to lay down or roll over…she seems eager to please! good doggie 🙂

  2. I love that you say “thank you” when she gives it to you. She is so sweet and smart. I think she is giving you her paw so she can get a treat. Love that dog.

  3. How cute you need to go buy a hula hoop I taught my little dog to jump threw it for a treat he loves to do it first I kept it low and he walked through then I slowly raised it until he jumped through try it! Doppler seems like she’d do well with lots of tricks! Good girl

  4. What a great video to wake up to this morning Geoff! I think she would do well with more tricks. Have you tried the rollover trick? She might enjoy something new!

  5. Nice job. Now challenge her and when she automatically gives her paw to you. Tell her, “Give me the other one” and point to it or touch it. It will make her work a tad bit harder and listen to your command. Next trick… balance her treat on her nose and tell her to stay until it’s okay to eat it.

  6. Ditto on all of the above comments. The trick, now, Geoff, is to get her to shake “paw” without getting a treat! Right now, you have given her a new “begging” tool. Teach her the discipline of holding the treat on her nose til you tell here OK. Also, make her wait for her meals–giving the command ‘Wait’, then OK or Get it. She seems to be amiable to learning and wanting to please, but right now, she has you trained. Don’t you love just how trusting and forgiving our pets are—that humans should have such qualities!

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