Driving Through The Desert


We’re in Vegas. We drove in with my cousins.  It’s four and a half hours from Irvine.

Driving in is different. Fewer restrictions.

“I’m taking extra stuff,” Helaine offered.

Me too. I’m writing this on my tablet while playing poker, but I also brought a laptop and “Clicky,” plus a tripod.

I’d like to use the tripod, but not tonight.  Vegas is cloudy with showers.  Cool too.  Most people don’t realize daily highs are often in the fifties during winter.

My Cousin Michael and I had some coffee and watched the passing crowd. No place is more people watching friendly.  Every shape and size is represented.

Lots of bachelorette parties.  This is a recent occurrence.  They move in flocks, like birds flying south.

We’re on a high floor facing the mountains west of town.  Nice view.

No agenda. Just two couples taking the weekend off.

6 thoughts on “Driving Through The Desert”

  1. I’ve been in Las Vegas and it was in the low 30’s during the winter months. I’ve also been there when the temperature has reached 120 during the summer months.

  2. I have also been to Vegas during both extremes. The week before Christmas in 2006, there was snow in the mountains and snow flurries right on the strip. I have also been many times in the summer (including this past September) when temps were around 107.

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