I Agree. The Weather Is Nuts

wtnh pkng lot snow

Bill Koczocik posted the photo above to Facebook. He didn’t say where, but I recognize the Channel 8 parking lot. Not much in that scene has changed over the last thirty years. Well, except that damn snow.

For those counting at home, Connecticut DOT’s plows have been on the road 19 separate times this season!

Over 29″ of snow at Bridgeport in February alone! Hartford’s at 23″.

Everything’s topsy turvy this season. The polar vortex event. Heavy snow this week in Northern Japan. Historic floods on the Thames and along the coast in Britain.

I look back and wonder how I operated in that? After all, before Connecticut I lived in Buffalo!

But you do.

You play the hand you’re dealt. Is there really a choice?

7 thoughts on “I Agree. The Weather Is Nuts”

  1. I heard today on the news we have had 53.5 inches before this storm that will hit in a few hours and last year 51.5 and the average is suppose to be 18.5 inches?? well I have had more than they say officially but at this point whatever. Yes you are right you deal with what you get no matter where you live there is always a draw back even in sunny S. CA and yes you made it through Buffalo!!!! CT should have been easier right? ahhh could always be worse….

  2. If WTNH and you knew there was going to be a big snow storm, how did everyone get to work? Did they set up things, so people could stay in the building?

  3. Still miss your forecasts, Geoff. I’m so sick of the snow – but even more than that, I miss ‘snow days’. Being connected is great, but it also means you can’t just sit back and enjoy the beauty of the snow. I’ve been ‘at work’ for the last 30 min or so and will be here until 6 p.m. Then I get to go out and shovel. I miss being able to sit on the couch, with a cup of tea and a book (or a movie) and just watch the snow come down. Maybe that’s why the books I read are based in medieval times – no computers, minimal technology. No, I don’t want to go back to that, but sometimes I just want a snow day. 🙂

  4. Seems like every channel has excited worst scenario weather
    people full of angst about each coming bad weather
    occasion. is this taught or did you spoil us with
    all the knowledge about the weather that you were
    able to fit into the allotted timeframe you were
    given? Hear people all the time saying, “Wish
    Geoff Fox was here………” Or “Geoff would tell
    it like it is…….”. Or “Wouldn’t seem so bad if Geoff
    was telling us how it…………..” Like you were Professor of
    everything weather and viewers your eager
    students-bad weather not so very bad because
    you were watching out for us!!!!! YOU should
    be training weather people to do it the Geoff
    Fox way!!!!

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