The Family Visit


Trudi and Jeff are back in Wisconsin. They left here late afternoon and made it home around midnight. Pain-in-the-ass that it is, flying still beats anything else we’ve got!

They needed time off from life’s responsibilities. We provided cover.

It was a great time. In retrospect, that’s amazing. Trudi and I grew up in a constant state of conflict. To think, back then, I’d want to spend more time with her was crazy.

In the less enlightened 50s and 60s, the New York City Board of Education separated the Fox children. She went to PS 201. I went to PS 163. This was a major disservice to our family.

We had few common friends. We had few common activities. We grew up in constant conflict.

Funny thing is, as we became adults we grew closer. It’s been quite a transition. Trudi and Jeff are among our closest friends. We speak nearly every day.

Part of it’s shared concern for our parents. We’re of a like mind when it comes to their well being. Trudi and Jeff have taken on the bulk of the responsibility since our folks left Florida.

Maybe it’s our shared sensibility? There is so much about how life should be lived we agree upon.

Whatever it is, it’s great being in each other’s life in a major way. Their trip to the coast was a total success. Let’s do it again.

Next weekend?

3 thoughts on “The Family Visit”

  1. Glad they had a good visit, Geoff. Visits like that almost always “recharge the batteries”. Glad they got that chance!

  2. Nice story. You’re lucky to have that type if relationship with a sibling. I have three and it doesn’t seem that any of them appreciates the others.

  3. School administrators separated my twin sister and I right thru high school. It damaged our relationship and I wish we were closer to this day. I hope school systems have evolved beyond this.

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