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I’ve cut some voice tracks recently and was upset to hear the finished product. I used my office and a Blue Yeti mic, which in spite of its name is pretty good.

The problem is the acoustics of the room with echoing at high and low frequencies. The track was boomy, making my read less distinct.

There are a number of ways to fix the sound. I’d tried putting the mic in a foam filled box! It was very kludgey, leaving the mic in a weird position and forcing me to contort when I read.

I considered gluing acoustic foam on the walls and bass traps in the ceiling corners. It’s guaranteed to work, but it’s a hassle and permanent! It’s on hold now while I go to Plan C.

I’m trying an Auralex MudGuard. It surrounds the mic with a little studio. I bought it with a mic stand, which has been delayed in transit.

Early indications with the MudGuard sitting on my desk are good. I’m waiting for feedback from two friends I trust (and who better agree with their opinions). I’d like this problem solved quickly and easily.

2 thoughts on “My Office–My Studio”

  1. RE 20 n a good sound processor use this to record my voice tracks for a few of the radio stations that I track fir

  2. Geoff you shouldn’t be in front of a window. Try an RE 20 and a good sound processor. I use this to voice track for 2 radio stations that I track for.

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