I Am Very Dweeby

IMAG0651-w1400-h1400My audio studio is taking shape. A mic stand came this morning. Now my MudGuard, Blue Yeti microphone and wind screen are all at eye level.

I am so dweeby. Part of this afternoon was spent getting a cable at Fry’s. I love Fry’s. They have a full aisle of cables! Now there’s an extra ten feet of play for the mic.

IMAG0648-w1400-h1400A few months ago I got a ShuttleXpress. For guys like me who edited video and audio tape, the ability to ‘jog’ back and forth in the digital age is a big deal. ShuttleXpress brings jogging back.

Tonight I programmed a little script to let it also control my audio recording software, Audacity. Now there’s a remote set of controls for when I’m at the mic.

Finally I’m ‘screencasting’ my computer monitors over my television via a Chromecast dongle. I can see audio levels a little easier while I record now.

All the toys I wanted as a kid exist now.

I’m listening closely, trying to understand this room’s acoustics. The MudGuard has made a huge difference. I might need bass traps. I’ll listen some more first.

One thought on “I Am Very Dweeby”

  1. I don’t know, Geoff. Your studio is starting to sound a lot like Disneyland to me. I was a ‘disc jockey’ in college in the 70’s. All your ‘toys’ just sound like so much fun to play with.

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