How Doppler Gets Fluffy

“Oh,” Helaine said as she returned from shopping. “I didn’t expect you to take a shower yet.”

She had shower plans for me… and Doppler.

Recently, dog wash time has meant Doppler joining me in the master bathroom’s shower. When I’m done Helaine wields the blow dryer.

Doppler is nonchalant about the whole thing. She doesn’t enjoy showers, but she does nothing to fight them. No squirming or yelping. She doesn’t cower. She just lets it happen!

I use the shower’s wand to soak her, then apply the dog shampoo and rub. Helaine is in charge of the brush/blow dryer combo. We keep the blow dryer at its lowest setting.

The result is one fluffy dog–a lamb cloud!





3 thoughts on “How Doppler Gets Fluffy”

  1. She may not like the wet water the shower produces, but I bet she loves the attention she gets afterwards.

  2. Only one caution – I don’t know how often she’s getting showered, but he vet told us not to do it too often, because it would dry their skin out. That said – she’s adorable!

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