Dear People Speculating About MH370

Malaysia_Airlines_Boeing_777-2H6ER;_9M-MRG@ZRH;07.08.1998_(4794758296)Dear people speculating about Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Stop it. No, really. Stop it.

Yes, I am starved for news of the plane. Yes, it keeps my attention. But, there is a limit and it’s been crossed.

Shouldn’t coverage be limited by the amount of actual information available, not the news porn titillation factor?

Tonight AP quotes an unnamed official investigator:

No motive has been established and no demands have been made known, and it is not yet clear where the plane was taken, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to brief the media. The official said that hijacking was no longer a theory.

“It is conclusive,” he said.

Who said it? AP, don’t you think you owe us that? You are implying we’re living inside the plot of a James Bond movie! Some evil doer has stolen a jumbo jet.

Later in the story, “[t]he official said it had been established with a “more than 50 percent” degree of certainty that military radar had picked up the missing plane after it dropped off civilian radar.”

More than 50 percent? That means you still know nothing!

For nearly three decades I predicted the future for a living. I understand the downside when a prediction doesn’t come true. These outlets in overdrive aren’t thinking like that.

Slow down.

8 thoughts on “Dear People Speculating About MH370”

  1. Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is being played like The Voice & American Idol producing unpredictability from the start as to who will make it in end. Gossip & inuendos go hand in hand in this unprecedented event giving way to inconclusive reports. North Korea CONTROLS media USA doesn’t per se. That’s the difference between communism & democracy. I prefer the later & make my choices as to who I follow for the moment.

  2. Well said, I couldn’t agree with you more!!!
    I long for the days when news was factual, not sensationalized for ratings….sometimes it seems like they’re reading straight from The Enquirer! It really detracts from the respectable profession that journalism was.

  3. I remember being extremely iritated back in the day (I think it was the ’80s)about an airplane that crashed into the Atlantic ocean. It was all over the nes and basically all they were saying was ‘Flight 00000 from X crashed into the ocean at 10:3 pm tonight with XXX people on board. A search is under way for any survivors.’ and they were saying it over and over and over again. I told my mother ‘Why don’t they just SHUT UP and go on to the OTHER news stories until they DO find out something?’. She agreed. If you DON’T have anything more to report then go on to something else.
    And people wonder why I gave up journalism as a career…
    BTW someone on Facebook posted ‘Remains of the plain were found in the Bermuda Trangle’ as a joke. One of the gals I work with thought it was real. Goes to show how GULLIBLE the audiance is.

    1. There are those who think outside the box – re:Bermuda Triangle despite its lunacy status today given all data/info to date. Who’s really on “same page?” Pilot(s) are focus of criminal investigtion & one of them had a unique collaborative adventure with opposition to Maylaysian government setting stage for his takeover of plane & elevating it to 45,000 feet causing passengers etc. to loose cousciousness and die. Where in the world is Carmen Santiago? Meaning – that missing Maylasian aircraft???

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