The Birthday Girl

Today is Helaine’s birthday. No cake, please. No singing at the table. My wife wants things understated.

Stef drove down from Hollywood this afternoon. A burning car on the 5 affect travel times!

Stef came to take her mother to make and paint ceramics. What a good child. It’s something she and Helaine enjoy. I’m on dog patrol.

This evening I’m taking Helaine for dinner at the beach. She doesn’t know where yet.

It’s a happy birthday.

4 thoughts on “The Birthday Girl”

  1. Geoff, wishing Helaine a happy birthday and now I’ll never forget it as it’s also my newest grandaughter’s 1st birthday 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to youuuu…..Happy Birthday Helaineeeeee, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu!!!! Enjoy your special day 🙂 Had to sing it’s tradition!! Mo

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