Long Beach Lunch

IMG_8715I had lunch with Neil Solomon this afternoon. We first met just after I got to Connecticut, introduced by Bruce McFarlane.

Let me pause for a sec. I worked with Bruce when I came to New Haven. After he left Channel 8, Bruce fell off the face of the Earth. Neil tells the same story.

We don’t know whether he’s living, or dead, or what! Very strange.

Where were we?

Neil flies 757s for a legacy carrier. He captained their first JFK-LAX flight today.

I should have asked him about celebrities. That seems like a flight that would have ‘names’ aboard. People famous enough to recognize, but not rich enough to charter.

IMG_8711He’s staying in Long Beach. I headed north on the 405. Mid 70s thermometer. Low 70s speedometer.

This was my first time in Long Beach. Not what I expected. Very pretty. A few tall office buildings. Nice hotels. Restaurants and shops. And it’s right on the water.

I found myself on a street with concrete Jersey barriers and mesh fences on either side. OMG–this is where they race the Long Beach Grand Prix. I so wanted to gun it as I drove past a huge pile of tires destined to line some curve.

IMG_8710We had lunch at Parkers Lighthouse just across from the Queen Mary and a Carnival ship. They’re very different in shape and size, but the Queen does not disappoint. It is sleek, but small compared to the boxy superliner next door.

We sat outside. California is good for sitting outside. Good conversation.

Neil flies home in the morning. He still loves to fly.

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  1. My Dad was transported to Europe on the Queen Mary during WWII….he was so amazed how overwhelmingly big the ship was…..he survived Normandy….but never “cruised” again…..he would be flabbergasted at the size of some of the new liners…

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