It’s SoCal And I Still Walked!

I did something tonight I would guess is a first for California. I walked to attend an event. It was a v/o workout.

I didn’t know what it was either!

I do know I’d like to dip my toe into the v/o pool. This seemed a way of learning more about a side of the business I know little.

Can I get cast? Who knows? It’s exceptionally competitive. So, probably not. But it’s still worth a shot.

Helaine thinks my voice is distinctive. She just can’t explain what makes it distinctive. And to me… well, it’s the only voice I have.

I do know in Connecticut I was more often recognized by sound than face!

There were four men and three women, plus our host, Ann. Everyone took a turn reading. We all listened and discussed. Then advice was passed out.

It was interesting to hear other reads and to hear about mine.

People came from as far as San Diego and Los Angeles for tonight’s session. It was two blocks from here!

4 thoughts on “It’s SoCal And I Still Walked!”

  1. How would you ever know, if you didn’t take a chance and get your toe ‘wet’. We knew you by your voice —and when it was time to ‘listen up’-for the weather. My question is how did you know about the V/O party? Here in the East, you’d have to travel into NYC! Who knows—one party may lead to another. Good Luck!

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