Photoshop In Use

simon-shootsSometimes I make a good shot better with Photoshop. That’s what I did with this photo.

My neighbors’ son didn’t need improvement, but my shot and the lighting did. Here’s how I did it.

This video is best viewed full screen.

3 thoughts on “Photoshop In Use”

  1. That was cool! I didn’t really understand why you were lightening the face until you blurred the trees and then it really popped.

    I am always editing pictures I take just to see what changes I can make to them. It’s fun!

  2. Thanks Geoff…..I REALLY need to get Photoshop !!! I use a generic photo editing tool on my laptop, but I am a photo buff and want to spread my wings. (I was accepted into the Paier School of Art for photography MANY years ago, but my mom died and was told I had to get a “real” degree) Just love this video……do you think you may do more????

  3. Thanks for explaining it and showing the steps you took. It really did make the image “pop out”. My husband bought the program for me, but never got it installed before he passed. Don’t know now, if I have room on the computer to install it.

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