Waiting At MKE


Helaine and I flew to Milwaukee this morning.  We’re still at the airport waiting for Stef. 

Too much time.   My mind wanders.

It’s a cheese based economy!  That’s the takeaway from the newsstands.  You can buy ornamental faux cheese!  They’ve got footballs,  ties and even a top hat.

They also sell a lot of Aaron Rogers jerseys.  A lot!

I’m not good at waiting.


6 thoughts on “Waiting At MKE”

  1. Geoff, I hope the weather is nice there like it is in So CA. Are you going to see Hank while you are in Wisconsin?

  2. In terms of the good/bad in the weather department –

    Unfortunately, the weather forecast looks pretty dismal in the upper Midwest for the next 4 to 5 days. Highs in the Milwaukee area will be in the 40 to 45 F range, with overcast skies and rain showers. By Monday night cold air will send lows down to the lower 20’s F in places like Milwaukee and Duluth. It should clear out by Tuesday – but still remain fairly cold with highs forecast for Milwaukee in the upper 30’s F. By Thursday it should start to warm some with highs back into the 50’s F. The upper Midwest is always stubbornly the last area to transition into spring.

    Back home on the East Coast spring fever is in full swing – lol. It really has been getting warm, yesterday NWS Central Park and Bridgeport hit 73 F and 70 F, while Regan National/BWI hit 77 F. Most places south of Washington were really sizzling with highs in the 80’s F or higher. Today we in the Tri-State are headed toward 75 F under sunny skies. I drove from New Haven to Dover, DE for work on Friday and the typical “green wave” of spring is moving fast – lol. The Cherry Blossoms are really amazing this year.

    1. Mark, it is a beautiful time of the year. People allergy problems, including myself, this is one of the worst time of the year for us. For the next few months, our eyes will be tearing and blowing our noses. We’ll need to walk around with a box of Kleenex in our hands. On ABC News, they mentioned taking a shower just prior to going to bed to get rid of all the pollen off our bodies and keeping our windows closed. I also run an air purifier too. Flowers are beautiful, but they can cause a lot of havoc in our lives.

  3. Carole, that must be tough for those who suffer from spring allergies – they don’t get to enjoy the warming weather as much as the rest of us I would guess. Luckily, no of the folks I know have allergy problems. For me personally, I love the spring for that very reason, I get to open all the windows again!. Although I don’t have many flowers, as I live near Long Island Sound on the Connecticut coast, mostly it is beach scrub and Yucca’s – lol.

    1. Mark, what is bad, I have a cherry blossom tree just feet from my house. It drives my eyes and nose crazy when in full bloom. Forget about opening the windows. I would like to cut it down, but I would hate to do it. It is to beautiful. When I was in my 20’s, I decided to become a florist. That was a big mistake. I ended up in the ER because of a bad sinus infection. Afterwards I had to have shots for 2 years, but they didn’t help. Now I stay indoors this time of year. I told my husband, don’t ever bring flowers home. One day, I had an appointment with my doctor. A guy came in to drop off a flower arrangement. He asked where he should put it. I told him, throw it into the trash. Everyone was surprised I would say that, but I explained to them why I said what I did.

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