Dr. Noh

IMAG0923As newly permanent SoCal residents, Helaine and I thought this would be a good time to have our eyes checked. It’s been a few years. We went to a local mall office of a national chain.

We both had appointments with the chain’s captive in-house doc. Appointments with Dr. Noh!

It’s probably not funny in Korea, but it’s hysterical here in the OC.

“I’m not a villain,” she said, acknowledging her fate for the millionth time. She definitely is not!

Dr. Noh is a newly minted OD. Korea to US in high school. No English when she came. Undergrad UCSD. Postgrad at Berkeley.

This was my most digital eye exam ever. Nearly everything’s computer controlled and read. Thorough. Impressive. This was not a rush-you-through process.

My eyes have been mapped and checked for eye vermin (that’s the official term, right?) and new progressive lenses are on the way. I can pick them up any time.

I looked back at my last three pairs of glasses and decided to reuse old frames. I always get the same style anyway.

No matter how much insurance you have, eyeglasses seem to cost around four times as much as they should. Don’t they?

5 thoughts on “Dr. Noh”

  1. I have more glasses than brains and decided I would try one of those “off shore” places. I typed in my RX; opted for progressives and photo changing lenses and the cheapest frame just “to try”. They were under $100 and I have to tell you, I LOVE them. They are flimsy, but I can see really well with them! There are a lot of “don’t do it” reviews but I’m a bit of a gambler and it paid! 😀

  2. I need new glasses this year too. YEARS overdue but money has been an issue. I have an eye insurance plan through work but I’ll still have to come up with a big chunk on $$ out of pocket for them. Oh well….gotta see…..

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