94 Seconds With My Hummingbirds

Sequence 01.Still001

I was fooling around with my GoPro camera this afternoon. It’s perfect to suction near the hummingbird feeder.

Notice how amazing agile they are and how they always hit the right spot with their long beaks. Each bird feeds a little differently.

2 thoughts on “94 Seconds With My Hummingbirds”

  1. Was outside this morning watering new plantings. The hummingbirds have found an old Honeysuckle vine that twines around a chain link fence on our property line.

    The Hummingbird, blissfully unaware or uncaring that I was standing there only a foot away, was busily visiting the flowers on the vine–by flying back and forth at full speed through the 2 inch square holes in the fence mesh. Agile, yes, but amazing control and speed as well. I had to stand there and watch because I just could not believe it. The bird flew off after visiting nearly all the open flowers in less than 2 minutes…

  2. Nice vids and pics!. I still have not seen any Hummingbirds yet here on Long Island Sound in Branford, CT. Maybe it was the rain showers? This weeks rain has turned Connecticut as green as Thailand – lol. A mild and sunny weekend is supposed to be on tap with highs from 65 to 70 F. So I hope to see them soon!

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