Weekend Update From The Patio


It’s the weekend. It’s quiet. Stef has come down from Hollywood with Roxie. It is Roxie’s fifth birthday!

A few snarls from Doppler, but mostly the two pooches kept their distance inside. There’s been no actual aggression.

We gave Roxie a toy as a birthday gift–and when I say “we,” I mean Helaine. She’s possesses the better memory and organizational skill.

The toy is long with two squeakers and a heavy chew rope inside. Roxie is an aggressive chewer. She is the ultimate toy tester.

Beautiful day. Eighties. Not humid. Mild this evening.

I’m in the California room in pajamas without socks. It’s that kind of through-and-through comfortable.

The five of us took a walk after dinner. We headed to a nearby development with scores of new homes. Many seem crazily expensive.

We decided the developers tried so hard to make the homes look different, they went overboard. Lots of homes with godawful exteriors.

The dogs are very tired tonight.

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