Where’s Doppler?


“Where’s Doppler?” Helaine was asking.

We’d just come upstairs after dinner. Sometimes Doppler straggles, staying in her bed in the kitchen. She wasn’t there.

“Is she is your room,” Helaine continued?

There’s a blanket behind my chair where Doppler lounges. Not this time.

IMG_1047_0644I ended up finding her in a spot she’s only recently claimed as her own. She was alongside the toilet in the guest bathroom.

Why? You’ll have to ask Doppler.

We have no objection. She does have run of the house.

5 thoughts on “Where’s Doppler?”

  1. Our dog used to go down to the basement and sprawl on the concrete floor when the weather got hot. It was cooler down there, and with all that fur, more comfortable for him. I’m guessing it’s the same for Doppler. The tile is cool to lie on. And just for being so cute, she deserves a good skritch 🙂

  2. I can’t tell by the picture, but do you have vinyl flooring in the bathroom? Since it is hot out there right now, it could be that Doppler was laying down there because the floor is cooler.

  3. I was going to agree with Carole – looks like Doppler found a cool place to hang out.

    You will have to keep an eye on her coat – if it stays warm you’ll have to trim her again.

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