I Like Skype More All The Time

Skype-LogoI’ve been doing a lot of production work lately. A few websites (including Kristen Cusato’s), an asteroid oriented presentation for Slooh.com (which I can’t show until Wednesday) and me teaching teachers to teach for UC Irvine.

Sometimes I have to go onsite, but I mostly like to work at home in pajamas. I have worn a suit once in California… and then without a tie.

Skype has become my friend. I can telecommute to my co-workers’ desks, where I appear from the waist up. If you see me wear a hat just assume I haven’t taken a shower yet.

When I hit a milestone and need someone to check off on a project, I use Skype and screenshare. Consultations are easy. I can play a video or show a website. I often make changes while they watch.

I told one friend, “I like this better than the phone.” Face-to-face communication is more powerful than just speaking or typing. The ability to reference what’s on my computer screen seals the deal.

14 thoughts on “I Like Skype More All The Time”

  1. After hearing the Skype reports on the news today, are you going to tape over your camera when not in use? A friend of mine brought her laptop over to my house, so I could show her how to set up a webpage. I asked her why she had her skype camera taped off. She said one night she turned on her computer. All of a sudden she was viewing someone’s bedroom and didn’t have a clue the location of it. She said if she could view an unknown location, the same thing could happen to her.

        1. This did not happen.

          She said one night she turned on her computer. All of a sudden she was viewing someone’s bedroom and didn’t have a clue the location of it.

          Absolutely, positively did not happen. Period. End of story.

          1. I just hope it never happens to you. In the world of computers, almost anything can happen.

  2. There was a similar issue with Skype reported on ABC Nightly News Monday evening. It was advised to either cover the camera with tape or shut down the computer when not in use. The video can be found on the ABC News site by scrolling down to “Investigate.” The heading is “Miss Teen USA 1 of Half Million Blackshades Hack Victim.” The information can also be found via Google. Apparently this teenager’s Skype was hacked and photos of her in her bedroom were made public.

    1. Judy – Carole described something that did not happen — that someone turned on their computer and amazingly saw a stranger’s bedroom. Let me repeat. It did not happen.

      This kind of cockamamie story gets passed along the Internet and people believe it. These tall tales only makes sense to people who don’t understand the technology.

  3. Geoff, I just hope it doesn’t happen to you. Why would NBC and ABC report on the same story if there is no truth in it? How do you know for certain this didn’t happen? I have been working on computers for the past 29 years and been online for 25 yrs. When the internet was opened up to the public in 1995, I started working for an ISP. I would like to see where you can prove to Judy and myself this never happened.

    1. I am specifically talking about what your message and what you described. It did not happen. No news organization described the scenario in your message where an innocent party turned on their computer and saw scenes from someone’s bedroom. I will state without fear of contradiction it did not happen to your friend.

      Allowing made-up stuff like that to pass online only encourages more BS.

      1. My friend had no reason to tell me that story if it wasn’t true. Apparently what happened, people were viewing her and she wasn’t aware of that fact until she turned on her computer one day and discovered she could view their bedroom. The stories on NBC & ABC proves it can happen. Software can end up on your computer without your knowledge. I discovered that is what happened to my Windows 7 computer last week. All you have to do is click on the wrong website and voila, you end up downloading software unknown to you. I have found things on Windows Explorer a number of time that shouldn’t be there and deleted them.

        1. Again, the scenario you describe did not happen. ABC and NBC reported on a totally different problem where a camera has been turned on. That’s not what your friend experienced.

          In your scenario, video is mysteriously sent to your friend’s computer when she turns it on. Mysteriously, it doesn’t happen when she brings the computer to you.

          The reason NBC/ABC did not report on the type of problem your friend claims is because it didn’t happen. Give it up.

          Give it up. It didn’t happen.

          1. The only thing I asked my friend was why she had tape over her camera. She explained to me what happened. We didn’t discuss the issue any further beyond that point. I did send her the URL from CNBC a couple of days ago. I don’t like using Skype. I do have it on my computer, but it has never been turned on, at least by me.

          2. Which part of saying you told a story you really didn’t know to be true, then refused to believe the truth, is evading you? Instead you dug in and threw out unrelated tales. Even now you aren’t taking responsibility for your own words, blaming your friend (who posted none of these comments).

  4. This is my last comment to you.

    Apparently she uses Skype from time to time, just like you do. Someone unknown to her had possibly been watching her. By accident, she discovered someone had been spying on her. When she turned on her computer, she found herself viewing a strange bedroom. That is when you decided to put a piece of tape of over it when she wasn’t using Skype, just what they recommended on that CNBC URL I sent to you. Or turn off your computer. I am just reporting back to you what I know. Hopefully no one downloads unknown software on to your computer, so they can watch roaming around the house in your birthday suit. They may laugh.

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