Santa Barbara Massacre

Is there a point on which the gun bearing community will compromise, please?

I have watched as much of the murderer’s video as I can take. He was a scarily sick individual. Why did he have a gun? Why do we allow that?

I have hunter friends. I don’t want to take your legitimate hobby away. However, there has to be some mid-ground, some reasonable control.

It might take decades to make a difference. I’ll take what I get.

Is there a point on which the gun bearing community will compromise, please?

Open-carry-Chipotle-even-via-Facebook-615x345This photo of two guys in a Chipotle vividly demonstrates that a good guy with a gun isn’t a good thing.

There are crazy people and we allow them guns. What kind of fools are we?

13 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Massacre”

  1. We can’t predict anyone’s behavior with 100% accuracy. If we want total control – of people – via our elected officials – burp burp = then we have to sell out our US Constitution & that AIN’T gonna happen on NRA watch nor anyone who supports their cause & US Constitution. As I’ve said countless times to people as a highly decorated Vietnam War Veteran and as a teacher/administrator/parent, I emphatically REFURE to have a gun in my house – PERIOD! However, I will NEVER tread on anyone’s right(s) to bear arms – we fought American Revolution already and no need for take two. Criminals will do what criminals do & law abidding citizens will do what law abidding citizens do. There’s NO inbetween – ONLY – good luck folks!

  2. Once again an awful killing unfortunately here is the problem law abiding gun owners who have a gun for whatever reason suffers because they (the law) makes sure you can shoot it but never finds out are you sane! Or is anyone in the house that lives with you mentally handicapped that’s the true issue here if you have nothing to hide then a mental exam records ect should be the bigger part of getting a gun permit that includes disclosing if anyone who lives in your home has a issue if you lie about a person living with you then you should be held responsible as well just like in serving alcohol at your home and someone leaves drunk You are as liable.

    If this were in place Sandy Hook never would have happened that woman Knew her son was unbalanced and SHE taught him how to use guns! She should have been committed for that sorry but I do feel very strongly on that. I am not a gun person but feel if you want to own one fine no problem it’s out right however better mental compitancy evals need to be in place. Guns don’t kill people people kill people because if you have that motive in your soul to kill you will find a way with or without a gun. Sad world we live in these days. Mental illness is under treated mistreated or not treated that’s where the focus should be.

    1. As fervent as people are for disbanning use of guns, there are those who will counter it – NRA – and issue in and of itself is disbanned. Mental illness was dealt with years ago with placing individual of concern in a mental institution. Today, that no longer takes place. Cost of placement was sighted as reason for closing mental institutions including Fairfield Hills in Newtown and Southbury site among other places in CT. Guns aren’t the only weapons people use to kill one another, as we have seen in the media. Kid goes to school with A knife and kills fellow students. Ban knives? No. From the latch key child of 1970’s to today, our society has become a group of “let the other guy do it.” Family has been destroyed & that’s the essence of this argument. Remember as Jew how my ancestors were stripped of their guns by Nazi government, we have LEARNED that that can and will NEVER happen again – hopefully – with NRA/Patriots – at our sides.

  3. It is so wrong that when you can buy a gun on the internet.they don’t even need to do a back round check.these young kids that stay home and watch violent video games don’t help.

  4. Also keep in mind that this killing spree started with a stabbing attack that killed three people in this guy’s apartment. I agree there is an issue with crazys having guns, knives, or bare hands–but how the heck do we reasonably detect craziness that leads to homicide.

    And yes, I firmly believe in gun control. I always use BOTH hands, and I can hit what I aim at. For a non-crazy, that’s good enough…

  5. Sorry I don’t know what happened I am using my tablet what I meant to say was does it really matter what weapon was used when someone child was killed.Its those damn video games that these young boys watch.

  6. I got to wondering about this. I think the answer lies in the changes to the economy and society over the past 40 year or so. The math is as complicated as predicting the weather, but there may be some common threads. My selection of thoughts goes as follows: First, we’ve gotten far more isolated as a community. Used to be -any- adult would punish bad behavior, so we all learned not to do that. Now, no one would think of disciplining a youth for fear of legal reprisal. Second, firearms were not demonized; so there was always the chance that someone around could respond to a threat. Now, that is less likely. Finally, we used to identify folks in the local community (sometimes in a cruel fashion) who might need mental counseling. Today, of course, we could not possible do that without a hue and cry of discrimination.

    Any of this real? Who knows, but perhaps we all might wish to consider the changes we’ve gone though as a society… maybe someone smarter than me could find a loose thread to tug on and start to unravel this.

    1. Steve Reinhardt:You hit the nail on head PERFECTLY!As a teacher/administrator since 1972, I’ve seen our public school system DECAY big time. Our society has boxed everyone in so tightly like an individually hermedically sealed sardine gasping for air near death. What was right IS now wrong and visa versa. Anti-Bible mentality has destroyed family church goers. Post WW2 started process of disengaging family from earlier times of unity of family structure including self-sufficient ethniticity in US w/fam ties w/overseas. We’re on verge of mini-pockets of civil wars within US. I’m shocked & appauled US Senator Richard Blumenthal, who PERSONALLY helped me big time, has joined anti-gun forces OBVI 4gettin’ our jewish background, when NAZI gov. disarmed our relatives and sent them to gas chambers. As a Vietnam War Vet who refuses to own a gun now, I will support NRA big time knowing my past German history. Let the anti-gun advocates KNOW their time is limited.

      1. I disagree with Al in the strongest way. I’ll leave his message up, but from here on comments to this post must primarily refer to the parent post and not another commenter.

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