The View Down My Street


We live at the dead end of a short suburban street. You’re looking north. Those small hills are the Loma Ridge. It’s one in a series of foothills to the Santa Ana Mountains.

California is filled with land like this. It can’t/won’t be developed, ever. There are actually two large highways in this shot, but their footprints are purposely small. Californians seem respectful of the land.

4 thoughts on “The View Down My Street”

  1. It looks like a nice clear day there.the other day it was so hot and humid here I thought I was going to die for sure. Today though, it is much a much nicer day.

  2. Ehl:

    I think we in the Tri-State have seen little real tropical summer ather so far this season. It was only 87 F at Bridgeport the other day and the humidity was not really high at all (dew points never got above 66 F).

    Tell you the truth – I’m looking forward to at least a little “Caribbean style weather” in the coming week – lol.

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