Father’s Day SoCal Style


It’s my first Father’s Day in the Southland. Another beautiful day!

I opened cards, called my dad and then got to my gifts, an EcoSphere and a Hubsan X4 H107C micro quadcopter. Sweet. Just when I though I’d run out of toys I needed.

Next, Helaine took me out to lunch outside at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach. It’s atop the palisades with a panoramic view of Laguna and the Pacific.

Fish tacos. First time. Very tasty.

Stef couldn’t join us, but it’s totally OK. Today was the final taping day for her show. Lorenzo Lamas, a celebrity guest on the show (and my body double) was her substitute father figure.

Today could not have gone better!

6 thoughts on “Father’s Day SoCal Style”

  1. Geoff, Sounds like you had a perfect day. Just wanted to let you know, the weather back her in CT was just as about as perfect as you can get it…..we did it SoCal style today!!! Happy Fathers Day!!!

  2. I’m on the East Coast and Doris had it right – a top ten fathers Day weatherwise. I was in Ocean City, Maryland for the weekend (family trip), the sky was deep blue without a cloud, it was 84 F, perfect humidity, and a nice south breeze! I thought I heard some music coming from the Bahamas – lol.

  3. The curving coastline and topography of Laguna Beach, plus the beach style architecture is evocative of the Riviera in Europe. Beautiful setting!!

  4. I love Luguna Beach….I just wish that ocean was not so darn COLD!!!

    I guess I’m too old now, my body can only take Florida or Caribbean waters!

  5. I love Laguna Beach….I just wish that water was not so COLD!!!

    I guess I’m too old for anything but Florida or Caribbean seas lol

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