The Very Cool Reason We’re In Las Vegas


Doppler’s at the doggy sitter’s. We’ve taken the show on the road. Four hours in the car and we’re in Las Vegas.

IMAG1193This is a very exciting part of the Vegas year because the World Series of Poker is underway. There is the main event, guaranteed to pay over $10 million, plus five dozen more smaller tournaments.

Tomorrow at noon Helaine sits down at Event #53: Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship. She’ll be playing for cash, plus a WSOP bracelet.

I am VERY excited for my wife. She’s a really good poker player and gives up nothing against this field.

IMAG1184There is lots of skill necessary to play competitive poker. But, of course, there is the element of luck. A poorly played hand can win. Aces sometimes can be beat!

Only the top 10% of the finishers get any cash with the majority going to the three top. We expect close to 1000 players.

Most likely Helaine will come home with nothing more than a fun experience.

This is the big leagues and she’s going to be seeing big league moves. That’s worthy of some adrenaline. She’s a little nervous.

We have no expectations.

I’m very proud and very excited.

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