The Blog’s Birthday

This blog started 11 years ago tonight. I wanted a blog, but wasn’t sure why or what I’d write about. My first post was the equivalent of dipping your toe in the water.

4.track.currentIt’s the 4th of July. I have to work on what is a hot and sticky day in Connecticut. There are a few thunderstorms on the radar, but not enough to really worry about. Helaine is packing. Twice, she’s had me get on the scale with a suitcase. Both were light (by airline limits that is). I haven’t done any packing yet. And, I still have a quiz to take to get ahead in my “Natural Disasters” class at Mississippi State.

geoff-and-puppiesThe blog has taught me how to write. That makes sense. I practice every day.

My writing takes advantage of the powers of word processing. Everything is written, then rewritten more than once. I never did that while in school.

A finished blog entry is nearly always shorter than the first draft!

I like short paragraphs.

On an average day around 1,200 pages get read. If I talk about a storm headed toward New England traffic can increase tenfold or more.

More-and-more Facebook makes it difficult to get direct traffic. Do people start blogs anymore? Should I bother anymore? I wonder all the time.

I like it when you read my words. Ego? Probably. It does give me satisfaction to know I can share my thoughts.

This blog is always the truth, but seldom the whole truth. I hide bad news and shield friends and family. This is not TMZ.

Thanks for stopping by.

7 thoughts on “The Blog’s Birthday”

  1. Geoff

    I have been a regular reader of your blog, for maybe 8 or 9 years. I DO hope that you continue posting !! I enjoy your daily posts, on such a wide variety of issues. Now in CA, your recent posts have a new slant. I only skip a Geoff post, when you delve into politics (rare).

    Wish you were still the Go To CT weather guy !!

  2. Been a long time reader. Long time watcher and fan. I enjoy your perspectives and stories. I love your sharing your California adventures to those of us here in CT and always appreciate an East Coast forecast direct from the West coast. That’s why social media is great. You rode off into the sunset but you’re only a click away. For that, I am thankful! 😀

  3. Geoff,

    I read your blog regularly. Usually I get one page fed via Facebook, then hit the ‘home” button on your page and read all the other entries that FB didn’t tell me about.

    I even respond!!

    And I’ve been doing this for a few years, since you were still on TV in New Haven. And all those years *I* have lived in Virginia! But I remember how engaging you were as a TV person, as well as how much I appreciated your forecasting. That was the original hook. The quality of the blog entries has been the cement gluing me to the reading 🙂

  4. I just found you again- had not seen your posts on FB for a long time and just realized you are under “public” people. Keep writing and we will keep reading…Thank you!

  5. Keep writing, Geoff. Your blog is not only informative, but also a geography and history class also. While we all long to learn more, I respect that some things remain private, especially when family is concerned. That said—your keeping us up to date with your parent’s situation, and showing us what full family committment means—something that is rapidly disappearing in our world today. Also, when upsetting things occur, we see you and the family coping. Many of us are in similar situations, and feel the bond. I have a couple of friend’s with blogs, but your is the one I follow consistently. I love seeing the pictures of So Cal and the changes that occur.
    Also, the reports after something of significance has occurred.

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