Staring At The GPS


Helaine and I took a drive this afternoon. Bad traffic while transitioning from the 91 to the 5 (as we Californians say). I slowed down and stared at the GPS.



Now that I’ve had Google show it to me from the air I understand. This state was built for cars.

Google Maps 2

Google Maps

2 thoughts on “Staring At The GPS”

  1. Hell! Anyone can do 91 to 5 between New Haven and Enfield…OK, they cross in Hartford by the Charter Oak Bridge and a couple of other spots. 91 and 5 are the same road for a one exit span in Springfield, MA. Oh wait…you meant CA Route 91 and Interstate 5? Ha ha! 🙂

  2. Did they design those mountain like loops in DisneyLand?. I remember my father being afraid to handle the I5–in the ’60’s, –I think I’d feel much the same today, if I ever traveled out there again! Now I understand why my friend’s son has panic attacks every night that he goes to work–lives in West LA–travels up to Simi Valley(?-I think).Thanks for sharing all this with us, Geoff.

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