Sunset At Laguna Beach









It was a pretty good night for photography at Laguna Beach. I packed my gear and arrived around an hour before sunset. Heisler Park was crowded. There were three others with sophisticated cameras. It’s easy to understand why.

I’m starting to think more about very slow shutter speeds for shots like these. Having the iris open a long time smooths the water surface. It also means using a tripod. Neutral density filters arrive tomorrow to allow these shots in full sun.

There are still some HDR shots to process. A few more timelapse movies too.

The first photo is going over our bed.

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    1. I have played with that picture five different times, always starting from scratch. I’m still not sure I’ve got it. Those stairs go down to the water and aren’t lit. It was very dark with a tiny sliver of Moon above. I think it was a 30 second exposure.

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    As a long time Geoff CT weather reporter fan, I am curious why your on line resume still notes?

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