The End Of The Bathroom Photo

One of my Facebook friends just posted a selfie which floated by on my timeline. The shot is tight, but there’s a reflection in her glasses — bathroom! The bathroom is currently the most photographed room in the house.

I suspect as big hair or wide lapels can date a photo from the 80s, soon so will the bathroom.

Most new cellphones come with front and back camera. Not everyone uses the lesser quality front lens yet. They probably will soon, as software simplifies switching front and back.

bluetooth shutterAnd then, there’s this gem (and the real reason I was already poised to write this entry). It’s a Bluetooth shutter release, $11 shipped.

Now you can prop your phone up, step back a few feet and snap away. Genius.

Dirty mirrors, shower curtains and toilets, I will miss you. When I see you, I’ll remember the Twenty Teens.

One thought on “The End Of The Bathroom Photo”

  1. I have this and paired with the “Case Star Octopus Style Portable and adjustable Tripod Stand Holder” I picked up on Amazon (where else) – I’ve been able to remotely snap away! Enjoy!

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