Tonight In Ferguson

The “fog of battle” is in evidence here. What was reported as tear gas is now corrected to smoke.


I am watching a potential riot unfold live on television, or whatever it’s called when you watch CNN on a laptop. Do I really want technology to bring me this close? It is raw and real and happening too fast.

The “fog of battle” is in evidence here. What was reported as tear gas is now corrected to smoke&#185.

I am sympathetic to the family of Michael Brown and the people of Ferguson. I’m at a loss to explain how breaking tonight’s curfew does anyone any good? All the points that can be made have been made.

The young man will not come back. Justice will take a long time working its way through a system that’s inconsistent. The lives of those involved will never be the same.

The people of Ferguson and many others have legitimate complaints.

&#185 – An hour later it changes back to tear gas, reported as confirmed by police.

2 thoughts on “Tonight In Ferguson”

  1. I’m a staunch supporter of US Constitution & WE THE PEOPLE – however I will bend on this issue and support Martial Law – albeit more lives lost but then this can not go on & must be a message to all Americans that despite the anger/hatred among the populous for whatever the reason – tryanny will not be condoned and abandoned through whatever means again Martial Law.

  2. I too, was dismayed to see their reaction to a curfew—which, in the end, makes it safer for all. I think that while they are using the same chants, they are reacting to any orders that come from the Hierarchy. Even the family is pleading for people to return to normal. I wonder now, how much of what we see, is outsiders—while all calling for “Justice”, are now demanding action for their individual gripes and angers. Tearing down a town isn’t going to help any of their causes. In the long run, beside the money it is costing, racial inequality will rise.
    Apparently having a president of color makes no impression on them, either. Of course he hasn’t said much to help. He probably doesn’t even understand the hardships that so many of his countryfolk live under.

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