Doppler Goes To Home Depot


More vlogging! Around a minute of it. You asked for it. I’m trying.

A little light gardening around the house, then Doppler and I took a trip to the Depot.

3 thoughts on “Doppler Goes To Home Depot”

  1. Geoff,
    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can barely hear you speaking. There’s some music that’s overtaking your voice. I just thought you should know….

  2. So—Why weren’t you up at Newport Beach TODAY–catching all the surfers—surf’s up with that hurricane off shore. Verified by my friend who lives up/down in San Clemente and can look out at the ocean from her front window.
    Don’t let Doppler get in to any of that fertilizer—mine did recently as some had spilled on the driveway. So far he seems OK–just some interesting colored poops! Doppler looks less interested in such stuff—God Bless Cairn Terriers—they sniff and find everything, including dead earthworms on pavement!

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