Milwaukee… Again… Briefly


We’re at the airport again  on our way to Milwaukee again .  We’re going to meet Charlotte,  our newest niece.

Milwaukee has become the center of the family.  My sister and her clan are there as are my folks.

This will be a really brief trip–less than forty hours in Wisconsin.   We’ve learned to deal with this kind of travel.  All bags are carried.  We’ve got sandwiches packed.  We’re ready for layovers between connecting flights.

Here at John Wayne they announce where incoming passengers can pick up oversize items,  like surfboards.  Yes,  they say surfboards.  They make different announcements in Milwaukee.

There’s a lot to do in a short time.  We’ve done it before.  We’ll hit the ground running.

3 thoughts on “Milwaukee… Again… Briefly”

  1. Geoff, What a precious little darling. That belly button looks so sweet. Get as many hugs and kisses as you and Helaine can get.
    Don’t forget “clicky” 🙂

  2. Isn’t it great–having ‘vacation’ anytime you need it, without going through a hassle. Enjoy your visit. She’s really a cutie.
    And to think, we your on line friends, get to visit your family, too—beginning to feel like we know them, also.

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