My Work Related Art Collection

I’ve got six pieces of art hung in a cluster in my office. They followed me from Connecticut.

img_5670 office art20140924_2I’ve got six pieces of art hanging in a cluster on my office wall. They followed me from Connecticut.

There are two original cartoons from Bob Rich. Bob was staff cartoonist at the New Haven Register. They’re both weather related.

There’s another from Bob Englehart who draws for the Courant. He was in the newsroom while I was at Fox. It was fun watching him work. He is among the last in this rapidly vanishing profession. His panel, also about weather.

I’ve got a Doonesbury. It’s a reprint. Weather, again.

Mark O’Neill is the artist behind Potluck Parish down at the bottom. He included a reference to me in one strip. There’s something no one expects!

Last is a truly amazing color sketch in Jurassic Park style that was given to me during the “Geoff’s Garden” era on Channel 8. It is unsigned. I wish I knew who drew it.

I cherish them all.

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  1. Art is a great investment – my wife purchased an original Emmett Kelly oil painting shortly after our WATERGATE marriage June 17, 1972 which (SADLY) still hangs in our master bedroom. SAYS IT ALL & THEN SOME – from someone who wanted to be an artist & did tapestry of interwoven threads NONETHELESS. Peace @ JEWISH NEW YEAR 9/24/14

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