In Case You Missed The Eclipse

total lunar eclipse

Last night’s webcast of the total lunar eclipse was a success. Over 426,000 viewed during our webcast with 70,000 watching at one point. I’ve been told we’re now over 700,000 views as people catch up on what they missed while asleep. We had Twitter messages from around-the-world, which was pretty cool.

The whole eclipse was visible from my office window! While on-the-web I let my trusty Nabi Square HD camera shoot it in time lapse. Here’s a look at what you missed, sped up for 21st Century attention spans!

2 thoughts on “In Case You Missed The Eclipse”

  1. Geoff,

    Of course I was looking forward to this phenomena but, of course, it was overcast and rainy in beautiful Woodmont. Of course it was! But I knew that I could count on you and Slooh.

    Thank you for making it possible to see this moment, albeit a few hours after the fact!

  2. thank you, Geoff! That was awesome! I too, was looking forward to seeing it but Alas! clouds and rain in Madison!
    Better late than never!

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