We’re On The Way Home

This time yesterday we were on our way to Florida.  Tonight we’re SoCal bound.  In fact we’re already on our second flight,  Charlotte to LAX.

My mom’s funeral was this morning.  She would have been pleased with the turnout of friends and family.  Still very sad.

There’s not much to add to what I’ve already written,  except it’s final now.  The formal process ended today. Now’s the time to turn our attention to my dad. 

He’s on another plane heading back to Milwaukee.   He’s returning to his apartment,  still full of my mom’s stuff.

After years of ad libbing around my mom’s changing condition, the last few days have been structured.   Now it’s back to feeling our way forward.

My dad’s life will be different without my mom.  Of course he’ll miss her presence.  After 67 years together how could he not?   But now he’ll be released from restrictions posed by her frailty.

As a kid you think being a grownup is full of choices.  In reality there’s a whole lot of fate involved  or to use the vernacular,  shit happens.

We’re all on autopilot tonight.  We’ll figure it out.

6 thoughts on “We’re On The Way Home”

  1. It has been a long two days for you my friend. A beautiful service and a beautiful eulogy by you. A sad day for all, but a day of healing for your mom. See you in January my friend.

  2. Geoff, The healing process begins and they say in time it gets easier. Know that is hard to believe now and memories never just go away but after 25 yrs now, I can say it did get easier over time. Just remember your Mom would not want you all to be suffering and she is at peace and not suffering anymore.

  3. Dear Geoff, so sorry for your lost, life is never easy. I wish there was something we can do.I will be praying for all of you. This is hard, I lost 3 family member last year, because of illness, I wasn’t able to go to Canada. Anyway, take care, sorry I never seem to find the right words. Marie.

  4. I feel your sadness. I’m hoping your dad will find moments of happiness going forward.
    All the best wished to you and yours.

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