Nighttime In Vegas

Anniversary dinner.  Fab.  H,  Stef and me under the heatlamps on the terrace.   Two ducks arrived at the fountain beside us with the bread.

Dal Toro was very tasty.  I had a seafood infused spaghetti.  Stef and Helaine had ravioli.  The ducks had bread.

The girls have gone their own way.  I wanted to play in the 7pm poker tournament.   That meant walking across this giant complex.

I like people watching.   This is a good place for it.  Maybe the best place for it.

My guess is many people are down here after taking selfies .

I am typing this as I play.  The tournament isn’t quite fifteen minutes old.   Very early.  The winner won’t be known until well past midnight.

Poker is not a hobby for early risers.

3 thoughts on “Nighttime In Vegas”

  1. They belew it again Geoff….rain and not snow was the precip yesterday. I awoke to ZERO snow once again. Tell them to please stop the hype of winter…

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