I’m Blogging From The Poker Table


I’m in the poker room at the Venetian.   It’s a $2-$5 no limit Texas Hold’em table.

There are chips in front of all ten seats,  but two players are absent.   It’s ok to walk away with hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the table.  I’ve never heard of a problem.

The dealer’s job is the most interesting.  Tom is our dealer.  Dealers change tables every half hour.

In front of Tom is an automatic shuffler. It’s made the game a lot faster.

The dealer gives out the cards,  but he’s also the banker.  As pots grow he removes money for the casino’s rake–up to $4 per deal.  He’s also keeping track of bets and settling disputes.

The dealers are salaried but also get tips.   Each dealer here keeps their own tips.  In Connecticut tips are pooled. It shows.

It’s after 1:00 but the place is jammed.   Cocktail waitresses are bringing some liquor,  but more bottles of water and lots of Red Bull.

The dealer just told two guys speaking in Vietnamese to speak English. Vegas is like the UN.  Lots of languages spoken. English only at the table.

We leave tomorrow.  We’re driving back.   No rush.  Good time.

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