My Opinion Has Changed


A week or so ago I smiled mischievously as the hack against Sony was revealed. After a little more thought my opinion has changed. And, I guess I should add, I understand what happens when private emails go public.

For totally blameless Sony employees this has been a public undressing. Every detail of their personal life that crossed their work computer was laid bare.

Every number associated with their existence will have to be changed!

That’s a very 21st Century concept most of us don’t understand. Once something is in Google, forget it being forgotten!

Some of the Sony emails are brutal, but not unexpected. We all do a little of that with our friends (though probably not the Obama stuff–definitely not).

There’s no way Amy Pascal can survive. Amy: I said the same thing about Roger Goodell.

Sony’s lawyers are trying to quash the publication of any new details. God bless them if that works. Experience says it’s a fool’s errand.

3 thoughts on “My Opinion Has Changed”

  1. I don’t really know nor suspect what’s behind the Sony e-mail “hacking?” But, I don’t buy media spoon fed “feed of day” that it’s linked to North Korea – another made in Hollywood conspiracy theory NOT suited for the well-fitted – sane people of US. CASE CLOSED!

  2. My sense is that this is an inside job of sorts. I don’t think this could be run from Pyongyang. Somebody had to know what was important and interesting in order to leak it. Did Pyonyang hire somebody here to get even? My money would be on it.

  3. Al,

    Sony is releasing a movie made by Seth Rogen and James Franco that is a comedy completely insulting the North Korean government – so the North Korean government hacked into information Sony had for blackmail. That’s the backstory. All I can say is, Im going to see the movie for sure now and pay in cash when going into the box office =)

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