Harold Fox Update

Costco is my father’s Disneyland. First stop, food. Pizza and a drink, $1.50.

harold on the couch-w1200-h1200

Before my dad came to California our goal was to toughen him up. He’s been much too sedentary. It took its toll.

This morning, on his way to get something he’d left upstairs, he told Helaine it was a trip he wouldn’t have considered when he first got here.

We’ve been walking nearly every day. He’s pretty good on our .35 mile route with a brief pause.

dad drinkingToday our ‘walk’ was a shopping trip to Costco. Costco is my father’s Disneyland. First stop, food. Pizza and a drink, $1.50.

As Helaine headed toward the back of the store (a few zip codes away) my dad and I looked at the electronics.

harold at costco“It’s 80 inches,” he said while looking at a massive screen. “How come they don’t seem that big anymore?”

He’s right. Gigantic screens are becoming the norm.

We headed to the center of the store. My father wanted shirts. They were piled high on a table.

He didn’t get winded. His legs didn’t ache. He was tired when we were done, but I went home and took a nap myself.

When you’re 89, this is P90X.

3 thoughts on “Harold Fox Update”

  1. i love this photo. Shows a content man with a beautiful smile. Hanukkah must be a Festival of Lights. I can see the light shining from his eyes. Hug him from me. My Dad passed when I was four but I still remember his hugs. Enjoy the next few days! They’re magic!

  2. Thanx Geoff, for taking such good care of our Uncle Harold, your Dad.
    I would’ve expected nothing less. It’s fantastic to read the adventures
    that you’ve been putting him through. Enjoy and give him our love.
    Have a Healthy and Happy New Year to all you transplanted
    Connecticut Yankees.

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