The Missing Piece


I discovered something this past weekend. A function I thought was included on my switcher is not! Workarounds are possible, but they would lessen the finished product.

An engineer from NewTek, the company that makes my control room, suggested a device called Shout. He saw it at a trade show and was impressed.

I watched their video featuring a beautiful blonde Swedish woman who wasn’t 100% confident in her English. It looks like Shout does what I need.

I sent an email.

I am sure the unit will work well for you, it sounds by your description that you are going to use the Shout for what it is designed for. Interesting project you have going, it would be fun to get some more information about your studio project?

That’s from Martin, Technical Support & Sales Engineer in Sweden. I’ll have the unit Friday from Stockholm.

Seriously, this is part of our crazy modern world. The only people who produce what I need are nine time zones east. It makes no difference. They might as well be down the block.

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