Working On The Studio With The Larrys



It is finished. My studio is totally up and running. Today was lighting day!

There were a few SoCal friends I thought of hitting up, but I asked Larry Fitzgerald first. Larry knows more about TV production than anyone I know. He was our production maven at Channel 8 in the ‘good old days.’ He started there running cameras, later he ran the first Jumbotron in Times Square. Now he edits reality in the Valley.

Larry and his nine year old son Larry drove down from Burbank. Helaine baked. This seems to be the payoff for work at my house–food.

I can’t explain it and he probably can’t either, but Larry understood viscerally what needed to be done. The key lights were moved closer while the hair lights were tilted forward with their lower barn doors extended.

Wow. It looks great.

He set the white balance on the camera then we went to work tweaking the chroma key.

Shorter Larry was helpful as our stand-in for lighting. We have the perfect ladder for the job!

They left around 5:30 and I proceeded to cut a quick demo for my bosses. All this time my idea was vapor Now it’s real.

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