Friends, Food, Fun


We’ve been trying to see Sara Welch since we’ve been in California. That’s around a year-and-a-half of cancelled plans and conflicting schedules. Sara and I worked together at WTNH. Now she’s a reporter at KTLA in Los Angeles.

Finally. Today!

Sara and her husband Bob came for brunch. We also invited Soumada Smith, my weather center cohort at KMIR and a former co-worker of Sara’s at KTLA, and her husband, Jason.

We don’t need an excuse for my Irvine cousins. They were invited too.

It was a great time made even better by Helaine’s catering. She’s been cooking, baking and prepping for the last few days. Damn, she’s good!

Special bonus: I’ll have tasty and fattening leftovers for the next few days.

Why did we wait all this time?














6 thoughts on “Friends, Food, Fun”

  1. ….Helaine and her food….it is becoming one reason to visit California already for me! Glad you got to catch up! Thanks for sharing an update on Sara – we miss her too!

  2. um yum…….those chocolate covered sprinkled lollypops look especially decadent! A feast for the eyes and the tummy!

  3. Great to see Sara again!!!!!!! Please tell her she is still missed in Connecticut too!!!!!! Still wondering where Jaime Mauro is. Perhaps you might see him sometime too. Seems to have started way back when Diane Smith was gone from 8-thankfully we still have Mark Davis!!!

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