Summarizing Sunday

I’ve been feeling so guilty during my dad’s visit to SoCal. Last time I was a man of leisure. Now I’m a working stiff. My time with him is limited. Not today!

He, Helaine and I met our friends Farrell and Vered in Riverside (the midway point) for Sunday brunch. They chose ProAbition Kitchen & Whiskey Lounge. Wise choice!

Breakfast was great. Service was great. Company was greater.

We headed home so both my dad and I could nap! By six we were in the car and heading to the Orange County Great Park. It’s an immense, semi-developed, mired in controversy, park in Irvine. It sits on what was once El Toro Marine Air Station.

The park’s focal point is a tethered helium balloon. For $10 you get to see the world from 400 feet. Interesting. Maybe not as awe inspiring as I had hoped.


There’s always a however.

However, the staff in the park could not have been nicer. Because of construction, the nearest parking lot is a walk beyond my dad’s capabilities. I asked a woman driving a golf cart full of cleaning supplies if she could give him a lift. Absolutely.

On the way back one of the balloon ride staff delivered us right to the car.

They don’t have to do that. They’re probably not supposed to do that. They saw my dad’s need and were gracious.

Did I mention I brought my camera?

































6 thoughts on “Summarizing Sunday”

  1. The pictures are great and love the ones of your Dad. Enjoy him as much as you can. I’m glad I get your posts – missed seeing you on the news.

  2. Looks like you all had a great time!

    Wish my dad was still alive so he could do a few things like this–wonderful that you and you dad can be together still! Sadly my, dad never met our daughter…she was home for spring break then back to the college grind at UCR.

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