Visit From An Old Friend

Full Reset 29

Andrew Schorr dropped by tonight. I’ve known him so long he was Andy Schorr when we first met in the early 70s! Andrew was a reporter at WBTV in Charlotte. I was a disk jockey on WBT, its sister station.

Later I hosted PM Magazine in Buffalo while Andrew produced the Charlotte version.

Remember the “I’m not only the president, I’m a client,” guy who did the Hair Club for Men commercials? Andrew’s like that at PatientPower is a patient oriented website with a focus on cancer. He’s the founder, host and a cancer survivor.

At the moment Andrew and family live in Barcelona, Spain. That’s about to change. He’ll be moving back to the states, probably here in SoCal.

We had a chance to talk and schmooze. I got to show off my studio. We’ve both been on the cutting edge of adapting technology for new applications. Andrew was on-the-Internet long before most people heard of it. Maybe some of what I’m doing and using can be adapted to what Andrew does now?

The only thing that really counts is I got to see an old friend. He looks good. He seems happy. He’s coming back home.

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