Experimenting in the Studio

Full Reset 33

Having a television studio in my home allows me to experiment when I get the urge. That’s what happened last night.

My control room, a Tricaster Mini, has a virtual set feature built in. With a camera and green wall you can insert the ‘talent’ in the middle. Hit a button and my non-zooming camera zooms in. It all looks so real even though none of what you see with me is with me!

That’s the problem. If there’s one thing wrong with the virtual sets, they look too good. Too expensive. Too expansive. Unbelievable because they look unaffordable.

More to explore. More to learn.

I poked my head out tonight and told Helaine, “It’s pretty cool to have a studio in the garage.”

She agreed.

10 thoughts on “Experimenting in the Studio”

  1. It looks like the set for “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”! You could do virtual game shows from your garage.

      1. Folks might believe you were actually broadcasting from the Indy pits (you should – great place to be!) – but I really doubt if anyone’s going to think that you’re at Jurassic Park being eaten by a dinosaur.

  2. Looks great Geoff, but I still wish you and Helaine were back in CT. So wonderful to be able to keep up with your new endeavors. Best of luck.

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