Will Someone Call The Scientologists Off?

It started a few months ago. I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize and answered. It was someone from the Church Mailing Department at the Church of Scientology. The person said they were looking to correct an address they had.

Something smelled fishy. I have no contact or affiliation with Scientology. I said I didn’t want to participate.

Since then the calls and texts have continued to come. The originating number has varied. Sometimes it’s not from the LA area, but most times it is.

I have told them I am on the Do Not Call list. I have told them I feel they are harassing me.

Yesterday, another text.

Hi Jeff Fox?

I’m trying my best to disregard them, but it seems there’s nothing I can do. It’s very frustrating and equally creepy.

13 thoughts on “Will Someone Call The Scientologists Off?”

  1. I no longer answer the phone if I do not recognize the name and/or number. If it is a legit call they will leave a message on my machine.

  2. Geoff: Tell them you know where they are and the police have been notified. OR Answer in a foreign language. OR Answer as if you were 3 years old, scream into the phone using gobbledygook words OR whisper that your tin foil hat won’t stay on your head and blame them. They’ll hang up quickly and probably scratch your phone number off the list. I’m sure you can get even more creative!

  3. Oh, Geoff- never answer a call from a number that you don’t know! It shows your phone number is valid, and the calls will come pouring in! Please be careful about that! Best wishes-

      1. I have reported several calls to the Do Not Call site, and the calls stopped. I haven’t had an issue with spam texts – I just Googled looking for a site that may help.

  4. Geoff, We have had our share of robo and real people calls…but not from Scientologists….It gets creepy when the caller id is my own number….???? I am also so tired of calls to “fix” my Windows computer…we have Macs….scamer not even close…repeatedly ask to be removed from list…never happens …don’t understand why we pay for a service and have to put up with this harassment? Good Luck …if you find a solution let us all know…

  5. I only have an iPhone–got rid of the landline years ago.

    My iphone has a neat “ignore” feature to permanently ignore stupid solicitation numbers like that–the list grows…

  6. I do the same as Jean—do not pick up if I don’t recognize the number or it says Private Caller. If they are legit they will leave a message, and I can hear them and pick up if it is a friend or other important caller. I also am perturbed with the number of calls that I get that show me as being the caller—my name and phone # in the caller ID–That seems to have increased since phones went over to being part of my internet system.
    Good luck with making them stop. If I do happen to pick up,and answer, I just hang up in the midst of their pitch—they won’t listen to “NO”–so I don’t listen either.

  7. I still vividly remember when General Manager Patrick Crafton of radio station WLAD AM/FM in Danbury, CT, where I was weekend News Director called me into his office and told me NOT to use any information off the AP wire service about Department at the Church of Scientology for broadcast during any of my newscasts. Sort of stunned and shocked about command, since I didn’t know what Department at the Church of Scientology was all about during ’70’s – I adhered to Crafton’s command. Fastforeward & today I now FULLY UNDERSTAND unconditionally the NEED TO AVOID Department at the Church of Scientology!

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