Bad Night — Good Dog

Now it’s coming back to me. I remember inclement weather! Isn’t this why we moved?


I’m in Irvine tonight. It’s raining. These are large economy size drops. That’s what convective showers produce. The atmosphere is unstable under a dome of cold air aloft.

The window thermometer reads 50. It’s raw tonight.

I escorted Doppler outside a few minutes ago. Now it’s coming back to me. I remember inclement weather! Isn’t this why we moved?

I looked down my street. No puddles. They might be against the HOA rules or possibly a city ordinance. Maybe both?

As always, Doppler was efficient. We were back in the house in a flash.

Helaine left a towel by the door. As I picked it up, Doppler laid down and rolled on her back. She’s been dried before. She obviously enjoys it. I carried her upstairs under my arm.

Bad night. Good dog.

2 thoughts on “Bad Night — Good Dog”

  1. I love my dog for those exact reasons, if it is raining, she does not waste any time….she gets her business done at top speed and is back in the house in a flash.

  2. It never seems that the West Coast and East Coast are in sync with nice weather – LOL. Your cool/raw weather in California so far this May, seems to be the balance to the warm/hot and dry conditions were getting in the Middle East Coast this May. While not of desert proportions yet ( let’s hope it doesn’t ever get that far) – we in NY/NJ/southern Connecticut area and down into the Middle Atlantic are really getting dry:

    So far NWS Central Park has had only 0.9 inches of rain in the last 21 days (and only 1.97 inches since late March!). NWS stations in the Tri-State are running 3.3 to 4.5 F above normal (ave high so far this May has been 77 F at Central Park). Day after day the weather has been warm, dry, with that strong solar angle. I’m not complaining I love the sun and the beach (CT does not charge until May 30th)… but we really need rain.

    While I’ve been watering my plants in my garden, they are getting that dry look of mid summer already. The forecast for the NYC/NJ/CT areas for the next 8 days – you guessed it – sunny, highs in the 70’s and 80’s F and no rain in sight!

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